Enhances The Way You Sleep & Keep Your Hairdo


Ann Denson-Willis, Creator of My Hairdo Pillow

My Hairdo Pillow was created to solve the problem of hand and arm numbness I got when trying to "sleep pretty" to maintain my hair style. After getting bursitis in my elbow – I thought... there has to be a better way. I became a determined woman to find a solution – My Hairdo Pillow was created. Fashioned from the way I would sleep on my elbow – My Hairdo Pillow took on that shape. The idea was to keep my hair off the sleep surface which would eliminate that “laid on, flatten” look to my style. This pillow is for those times when sleeping and keeping your hairdo is important for you. I used luxuries that you would appreciate in style and comfort. Extending the look of your style is just what every girl wants.  Experience a better way of sleeping and keeping your hairstyle.