Enhances The Way You Sleep & Keep Your Hairdo

My Hairdo Pillow (Soft)


My Hairdo Pillow enhances the way you now sleep & keep your hairstyle

With My Hairdo Pillow your hair is elevated off the sleep surface to eliminate that "laid on" "flatten" look to your style.


This distinctively designed pillow is made of a velvety fleece fabric that feels nicely to your face

The inside cradles your face securely and comfortably


 My Hairdo Pillow offer luxuries that you can appreciate:

  • available in a soft or firm foam density                    

  • the nice design and feel                      

  • supports the head & neck easily

  • works well for most hairstyles                                 

  • great for stomach sleepers           

  • made in the USA 

I want you to experience a BETTER way to sleep your best and worry less about your hairdo being a MESS!